Joe's Boys

Dear Friends,

May 26, 2006 changed our lives forever. Joseph Paul Hanbury, a wonderful, gregarious, hardworking soul left this earth for reasons only he will forever understand. The wake he has left behind is enormous. The devastation massive. His beautiful loving wife Stephanie is now the champion of Surburban Paving and the sole provider for their two innocent boys Joseph (2 years) and Gavin (4 months). How will they go on without him? That very thought takes your breath away. You have heard the quote “It takes a village to raise a child”. Let’s be that village for these two vibrant boys. Let’s make their future bright and full of promise in ways we can.

Joe started Suburban Paving from the ground up. For 9 years, he poured his heart and soul into that business and made it what it is today. Ask yourself, what 33 yr old do you know that is diligent about planning for their future? Joseph was a young man with a growing business and whatever he had, he gave to his loyal employees and his equipment. True to form in his loving, generous way, he gave to himself last. Everyone’s financial situation is fragile and so very private. We reveal this information with the utmost respect and honor for his family. The harsh reality is…there is no life insurance, there are no college funds. There is only the power of the people he touched. We are many. We are capable. We are a “village”.

A trust fund at Citizen’s bank has been established for their two boys. Please consider a donation to the Joseph Hanbury Childrens Fund. Give what you can. Every bit will make a difference. Their dad may only be a memory for them, but this fund will represent how much love for him and his family exists.

Thank you for your generous contribution.

Fellow Friends of The Hanbury Family